Saturday, January 29, 2011

2011 Year of the Master Brewer

The goal of this blog is to keep family and friends updated on my adventures in Chicago and Munich while completing Siebel Institute's Master Brewer program! One thing that I have learned very recently is that sometimes we do not share enough with each other despite our incessant need to update each form of social networking with a greater urgency than we have to stop and talk with one another. Instead of spending all my time updating everyone every 5 seconds, I will use this as a public journal to keep for myself and those interested.

Friday January 28th was my last day with Wachovia! I will miss the people and I truly appreciate what I have learned. I am leaving to attend Siebel Institute of Technology and am enrolled in their Master Brewer Program. The program starts in Chicago where I will be until the 25th of March. I will then hop on a plane to Munich Germany where I will continue my studies at Doeman's Academy. From May 1st until June 5th I will be exploring/adventuring in Europe! Then I will return to Doeman's to complete the program from June 6th until July 30th. My flight home is scheduled to be at the end of August from Manchester, you know what that means. Old Trafford awaits!

I have been waiting my whole life to take an adventure like this, whether I knew it or not. Patrick told me in Paris that it is massively important to study abroad. Well Patrick, I took your advice to heart. Your courage to go to a new place, by yourself, conquer the language and learn the culture has inspired me to stamp my place on the world as well.

Obvious thanks goes to my Mom and Dad, it would take a book to describe all the things you have done for me. I appreciate most your support and encouragement to follow my passion.

A handful of other folks deserve legitimate credit for helping me come to this place in my life. Wes Gibson, Greg Smith, Will Robbins, Ben Harrison, Sed and Melissa Canfield, Alex and Nicole Lissenden, Peter and Jasmin Gentling, Zenda Addis and Terry Powell. I can't thank you all enough. Though in all honesty, the place that deserves most of the credit is Asheville, NC and the wonderful people who have impacted my life so greatly. Thank you all!

Enough of that. Keep checking back for updates! Obviously pretty soon this will become much more beer related and much less "sappy thank you" related. Chi-town here I come.