Sunday, February 13, 2011


I haven't given everyone an update on Pilsen yet, so thats what I am going to be showing you today. Most of the blog will be pictures but I am ok with that. Pilsen is the section of town that is mainly an emerging arts district and a large latino community. It is the general area southwest of U of IL Chicago and south of Cook County Hospital. I live with two amazing people, Justin and Jessica. They are extremely easy going and are very friendly. I don't think the transition could have been as easy if it weren't for them! Now its picture time.

Thats my little desk in my room in Pilsen where all the magic happens. Many a beer fact has entered my brain at this station.

My nice little couch pull out bed with my "dresser" located on the floor (at least it isn't a pile of clothes right?)

Our awesome kitchen. Perfect size!

One thing that no one can complain about...Chicago knows how to make water hot. Won't be seeing a cold shower here.

Jessica and Justin hanging out in our living room. The door to my room is off to the left.

It is a household of apple products! Justin is checkin' some stuff on the web. This was right after we went to "Dona Torta" which is an awesome little mexican restaurant down the street. I ordered the "chicharito" because why wouldn't I order a dish named after a Man U star?

One of the best parts of the apartment are the two resident cats. Freedom (above) is still getting used to me. He loves to play fetch and chases Calley all over the apartment.

This is Calley. She is very affectionate! Reminds me of my first girlfriend back in the Central Methodist days. Whatever happened to her!?

Off to prep for this week. We will be taking a trip to Briess Malting in Wisconsin on Tuesday. Unfortunately they do not allow photographs in the facility, so I wont have an update with that but I may have some from an upcoming brewery tour at Goose Island.

Location:Chicago, IL